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15 / 09 Info Carina Net i57, Mirka, Info Carina Net Plus* online firmware!
Sofia 0 105
Online upgrade codes for Info Carina Net i57, Mirka, Info Carina Net Plus cash registers!Infopos Firmware Keys Platform is open to issue upgrade codes for Info Carina Net i57, Mirka, Info Carina Net Plus cash registers.Visit the upgrade platform and register quickly and easily!..
28 / 07 Newland Summer Offer MT65 & MT90!!!
Sofia 0 25
Newland Mobility Summer Promotion T65 Lite & MT90 Lite while stocks last!Beluga MT6552L(ite) handheld terminal with 4" touch screen, 2D CMOS VGA imager with red LED Aimer (CM30), 2GB/16GB, BT, WiFi, 4G, GPS and camera. USB cable, battery and multi-port adapter included. Functional system: Android 8.1 GMS. Beluga MT6552L(ite) handheld terminal with ..
21 / 07 HIKVISION Smart Interactive Flat Panels-Android/Windows
Sofia 0 645
HIKVISION Interactive flat panels-Smart-Android/Windows -65''-75''-86''Smart interactive touch panels are ideal for professional and corporate meetings, presentations, conferences, educational institutions,schools, classrooms, lecture halls, academies, museums and universities.Contact us for availability and prices...
19 / 07 ZQ 1500GT metal touch monitor aluminum case.
Sofia 0 96
ZQ 1500GT 15" TFT LCD touch screen aluminum case metal construction!Alumninum case professional flat touch screen with stable base and wide adjustment angle for the screen panel. All metal construction! Elegant design, flat touch screen 1024x768. Capacitive multi-points. LED lifetime 30,000 hours...
07 / 07 Jolimark DP-320+ Dot Matrix Printer-stock available.
Sofia 0 187
Jolimark DP-320+ Dot Matrix Printer in great availability and stock!DP-320+ with the same classic design of the successful DP-320 series, excellent performance and Jolimark quality. Increased speed to 270cps (characters/second) and more connectivity options USB + Serial + Parallel interface.Contact us for availability and prices...
15 / 06 SUNMI L2 Industrial Mobile POS Terminal on Android
Sofia 0 287
Powerful and intelligent device for commercial use, ideal for catering, industrial, retail and service. Integrated dual card slot (dual card slot). Supports NetG NFC 4G. 5000mAh high performance battery. IP67 sealing.Contact us for availability and prices...
30 / 05 Bixolon Thermal-Mobile printers in stock.
Sofia 0 222
Bixolon Thermal and Portable printers in great stock!Ideal printers for retail stores, service points, theaters, theme parks, shopping mall, banks, kiosks, casinos, hospitality units, etc. Portable mobile printers with a paper-saving function, reducing the length of a print by up to 25%. Desktop or wall-mounted to maximize space, choice of 2" or 3"..
11 / 05 Syscall Service Calling Systems Solutions.
Sofia 0 431
Syscall Service Calling Systems - wireless call solutions for waiters and self-service customers.Ideal for Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Beach Bars, Pool Bars, Hotels & Resorts, Casinos, retail stores, food chains, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, warehouses, transport companies, for the supply chain, etc. a.Contact us..
27 / 04 Senor POS solutions for the needs of the Greek market.
Sofia 0 265
Senor POS professional systems are designed to be placed anywhere, with stands, on counters, walls or even supported on the ceiling. They are extremely durable and work in extreme environmental conditions. Ideal solutions for counter management, production line, customer service.Contact us for availability and prices...
19 / 04 ZEBRA ZT231 & ZT411 Industrial Printers.
Sofia 0 159
ZEBRA ZT231 & ZT411 Industrial Barcode PrintersIdeal for intensive use in industries, constructions, production companies, warehouses, supply chain, transportation, healthcare, retail, etc. They upgrade the workflow with labeling at all stages of production, packaging, handling and transportation.Contact us for prices and availability ...
22 / 02 Newland InfoPOS Webinar 2023!
Sofia 0 72
Webinar to present Newland solutions.A succesful webinar was hosted by InfoPos in order to intoduce Newland solutions and products to dedicated partners and reselers. InfoPos is an official distributor of Newland and strengthens its partner channel by providing the best solutions at very good prices and with great availability.Contact us for availa..
04 / 01 VM200 2D barcode Scanner and for dimensions.
Sofia 0 5680
The VM200 is a special scanning device that reads 2D barcodes while having the ability to detect dimensions and perform volume measurement...
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