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Automatic Drawers

Automatic integrated cash register drawers. They communicate with the commercial application and peripherals, accept payments, make change, detect counterfeit banknotes, count cash and insure cash. They provide fast service, without mistakes and limit contact with money and bacteria.

CASHLOGY POS 1500 Cash has always been people’s favourite payment method, and it still is today. However, cash management is insecure. Cashlogy is the new point-of -sale cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes and simplifies handling. Boost your sales with more effi..
Brand: VNE
Maxi Changer Automatic MachineMaxi Changer is a large reinforced, secure and reliable coin or token change machine. Accepts coins and notes and can dispense both coins and tokens. Maxi Changer can also handle token purchases whilst giving change in coins.This piece of equipment has an incredible cap..
Brand: VNE
Classic coin change or token change machineMini secure Change is a coin or token change machine, with a simple column structure, reinforced, and considerably smaller size in comparison with its large content capacity. Ability to quickly and efficiently change banknotes into coins or tokens. Able to ..
Brand: VNE
Automatic Cash drawer VNE Advance Automatic Cash is a machine designed to accept automated cash payments and able to return the exact change in any type of commercial activity, responding to retailer’s need for compactness, efficiency, control and security.The standard version can be conne..
Brand: VNE
Automatic Cash drawer VNEAutomatic Cash is a machine designed to accept automated cash payments and can return just the right amount. It operates effectively and supports any commercial activity, according to the needs of the retail trade, ensuring control and security. It can be linked to any comme..
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