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PC BOX with upgraded connectivity and support for multiple applications.

PC Box Toshiba 4810-E80Compact footprint and distributed design. Intel® Core i5-4570TE vPro™ processors provide up to 40 percent performance improvement. 80 PLUS Gold power supply. Up to two video ports can be used, choose from two display ports, one VGA, or an optional 2nd VGA. Two ports can be use..
Brand: ICS
Heavy Duty F13-PC Mini-Box PCCompact, Intel Dual Core,1.86GHz Cedarview D2550, 2.GB DDR3, ram up to 4GB, 320GB HDD. Smart & Fanless designed, high performance, low power consumption. Equip with 6 USB connectors. Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7, POS Ready, Linux operating environment. Modu..
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